July 31, 2009

Day 3 - Bestfriend's house

Greetings from Calgary :)

So I finally arrived at Lisa's house. Got a threatening text from her saying that she didn't care if I had plans or was hungover, she's gonna call me at 9 in the morning to take me out for dim sum. This bitch thinks she can control me.

I joke.

My sisters went a separate route to the zoo (where they belong). Went to Sakana Grill for japanese cuisine with Lisa. Took a while to find this place. Eating japanese cuisine reminds me how much I love all u can eat. We had 8 pieces of sushi, 5 nigiri, 6 sashimi (tuna/salmon), plate of chicken teriyaki, assorted tempura, gyozas, seaweed&shrimps seaweed salad, house salad and miso soup. All for $58. Yup, pretty pricey I must say.

Parents booked a flight from Calgary to Vancouver for August 5th last night while I was out at the pub. Original plan was to rent a car and drive over. Turns out flying is much more cheaper. Thank god, I wasn't looking forward to driving at all. Would've been nice though to enjoy the scenery though.

Horseback riding tomorrow in Banff. Wonder how that will turn out. WISHH ME LUCK! :)

July 30, 2009

Day 2 - Calgary Tower

I have not yet found the time to upload some pictures on blogspot. One, I don't have the usb cord. Two, I don't know how to upload using a macbook.

Flopped on zoo again to go to Calgary Tower. All I can tell you is that the tower is about 1/5 the size of CN Tower. It also has the features of glass floor and 360 restaurant. Someone should come with me to the 360 restaurant at CN tower when I come back :)

"Crave" has the most adorable cupcakes ever. Too bad it melted it a bit before I could even take a picture. Didn't have time to devour the cupcake so I gotta wait till tomorrow.

PETER'S DINE IN: yummiest cheeseburgers, with an oreo milkshake and french fries. The best combo for a carbicide.

WOODY'S TAPHOUSE. I am getting the hang of pubs now. Tried a bottlecap and it tasted like candy. Had half a cup of beer BECAUSE I'M A CHICKEN. Waiting till my birthday to officially get "super smashed". Had to get Kevin to finish my portion of the jug. Thanks tank, I owe you haha.

LISA TRAN FLOPPED, i'm gonna kick her ass tomorrow...i'm joking, I love you. Sleep well tonight because we have lots of catching up to do :)

Sobered up. What to do now?

JESS: very lazy to do the list. When there's no alcohol in my body, i'll have the energy to think haha.

July 28, 2009

Day One - Teeth Cleaning?

Westjet planes are so cramped. Alleyway is really tight and there's always a line for the bathroom UGH! The usual cranberry juice and bits & bites, complementary by Westjet. Flying at night is really tiring. Didn't even sleep until 4 hours later. Imagine how my eyes were...

Woke up pretty early today. Had dimsum with the Calgarians aka hosts. We were gonna head out to the zoo. Weather was pretty shitty and it was chilly, decided to go tomorrow. Heard the zoo is super duper big, bigger than Toronto Zoo. Pictures coming soon.

Me and one of my sisters had our teeth cleaned today. Pretty random right? Parent's friends are orthodontists. Free service I think? Explains why their house is "ginormously" huge. $3 million mansion. View is absolutely gorgeous. Minus the construction workers.

En route to my man's house, Lisa Tran AKA bffl. I gotta fix this visa of mine. Why does it still keep declining? I WANNA SHOP!

July 26, 2009

Packing is a bitch.

I am officially packing at 11:34 pm, with work at 9 am tomorrow and flight at 8:55 pm. I am super duper excited as it is down to the last 24 hours.

Thanks for spending the sunday with me guys! Minus the declining credit card and pork bone soup burning my wrists. Overall it was fun spending the day before vacation with friends. I am coming back legal, don't you woorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry!

I got my first pair of sandals of the summer (I knoooow, late in the season) but I'm planning to grow a collection (of possibly 5 HAHA). Thanks Jess! If it weren't for me telling you how much I needed sandals, we wouldn't have planned this shopping day :)

Soooo sleepy, eyes feel really droopy. Maybe I shouldn't have ran a session with the guys.

July 23, 2009

Have I ever had a successful shopping day at vaughan mills?

No, Vaughan Mills Mall is a waste of time. I can never find anything decent when I need it the most. This shows how bad the mall is. It still sucks for an outlet mall.

Please calgary/edmonton, don't disappoint me when I visit you. It will be my first time at west edmonton mall. By then, I expect to walk out with tons of shopping bags and possibly be out of breath enjoying the indoor amusement/water parks. Word :D

I'm gonna miss baby for the next few weeks. Have fun at aunty's, I'll bring home a toy bone for you.

the position of my hello kitty toy is very awkward.

This blog will officially become my vacation blog. I finally found a decent camera to bring with me where I'll capture "the moments". My first time in Calgary, I'm pretty excited. Gonna stop by bestfriend's house first so she can take me around. Will be stopping by Edmonton then Banff while driving to Vancouver. I'm gonna trust my parents on this one when they say it's a 10 hour drive from Calgary to Vancouver. I'd understand if it's longer since we're stopping in Banff. But 10 hours is already crossing the line. Driving to Florida was already uncomfortable x 1000000000.

4 days (:

July 21, 2009

There's always room to try new things.

I would know. Peer pressure takes a while to sink in, nonetheless, I will still try. I am amazing at guessing flavours though :)

I need to stop spending money on stupid movies. Harry Potter was actually decent, minus the non-stop talking in the beginning. HAD TO ADMIT, I shed some tears for the dumbledore scene. Pretty sad, MY HERO of the movie.

Making use of my time before I fly to the other side. I wish I had a camera. If only my sisters took better care of the camera when they tried taking jumping pictures near a jacuzzi.

I need an ipod. I am seeing a bulge in my stomach. Going through freshman 15 during the summer, wtf !

5 more days

July 18, 2009

So close but yet so far.

omg, no way!

9 more days.

mad excited.

July 15, 2009

like a lollipop

Pretty interesting (what's the word) realization I must say:

Had dinner with a close friend today. After dinner we decided to stop by dollarama so I can get a pack of cotton pads and bobby pins. And of course, the cheap candy section of dollarama (which I always stop by to stare). Friend wanted a pack of chocolate and me? I declined by buying nothing.

SO ODD. For those who know me, I use to eat ALOT of candy back in the days. Unhealthy much? I don't know. I had the biggest sugar craving back in the days to (I guess) help keep me awake during those boring classes in high school. I usually had a pack a day. Sometimes you would find me with packs of candy in my schoolbag. My friend's would call me CANDY GIRL. It's true, and sad.

After swiping that meal plan of mine for those packs of candy, I've realized that it was way too convenient not having to put coins in each time. I took too much advantage of it. Nowadays, my sugar cravings would slowly fade since I'm lazy to walk to shoppers that's literally half a block away from the office. GOOD! I actually feel more healthy. I'm so proud of myself. Haven't had a sugar rush since beginning of May. I hope it stays this way once I'm back at Laurier. What to replace for study snacks then?


Birthday will matter later. HAR - HAR.

July 13, 2009


I literally paid $11.50 to watch this stupid moviegay porn.
Had to commit carbicide with my friends after watching that movie LOL
if you watched this movie, you know what I meant by "carbicide"

July 12, 2009

"wo you da je je"

"See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil."

A mini get-together went back to a pool party after the weather seemed pretty nice with no chance of rain for the rest of the day. This morning was horrible. The splashing noises got too annoying but that still didn't bother my beauty sleep. Woke up hoping Steph would come over early so my parents wouldn't yell at me for coming home late last night if my friends are around. It worked, as always :). Finally at 2:1 at successful hair colouring. Steph's hair actually turned out better than expected. Note to self + others: avoid mousse texture hair dye. Steph got it and it sucked. No hair colour change at all. Mainly because we didn't read the instructions first LOL.

Saw these really interesting gargoyles? at the pool party. Friend's parents got them not too long ago. I might be interested in those myself.

that's right, all mine.

July 11, 2009

Stinky tofu really stinks

I wish I had her singing talent.

Back from night-market at metro square. Still in my clothes since I don't wanna make any noise while I change. Pretty scared to make noise in general just in case cranky daddy wakes up and starts telling me that I'm not allowed to go out late anymore. That's right, I still live by my parents rules since i'll be under their roof for the next month and a half.

Never knew stinky tofu reeks THAT bad. Once me and my friends stepped foot in nightmarket, it stinks. Smells like Chinatown in the morning but 2 times the odour. Two of my friends decided to share a portion just to say that they actually tried it. Although they regret it, at least they tried unlike me who chickened out. Word, it was THAT bad. Maybe next time when I feel more energetic. Lacking sleep resulted in a bad headache today.

AND OH to those who are going soon, flip flops are NOT a good idea..just in case you step on skewer sticks that people throw on the floor. I got poked in the foot by one so I checked my foot to see if it was bleeding. Good thing it didn't. My paper cut was worst already.

Decided not to return my panda shirt to forever XXI. Maybe I exaggerated too much that the hole in the armpit area was so big. So I got excited and wore it to night market.

3:00 am. It's time to sleep.

July 08, 2009

King of Pop

I am officially bored out of my mind at work so I decided to blog.

I've heard alot of "stuff?" about the Michael Jackson Memorial. I hope they have re-runs on CNN since I missed it (it was aired when I work was working). Such a sad day as we commemorate an amazing singer.

Michael Jackson was known for the "dangling children" and "child molestation" incidents that occured within the last 9 years. I mean, it was a huge deal back then was it not? Numerous court appearances and the video of the dangling children.

Reverand Al Sharpton eulogizes MJ by telling the family:

"There was nothing strange about your daddy. It was strange what your daddy had to deal with, but he dealt with it"

It's true what the say. Michael Jackson still stands out as a talented singer regardless of all the media comments, present and past.

I don't understand why Farrah Fawcett (who also passed away on the same day) could possibly have no recognition whatsoever. Equality much? I guess it's understandable that MJ made a tremendous amount of contributions throughout his career. Guiness world record I believe for making the most contributions to various charities. What an inspiration.

Saw this post on my friend's facebook.

July 06, 2009

Definition of:

say WHAT?


why do mosquitos exists?

So I can officially say that I got my first mosquito bite. I know, pretty late in the game. Already halfway through the summer and I got my first bite. What I don't understand is how I managed to get bitten yesterday near the elbow when I had on a long sleeve sweater the whole night at the bbq. I guess I do have sweet blood, at certain times of the year that is.

I've finally received my final paycheque working at the stupid mall. Although it's short 8 hours, I guess she decided to deduct lunch breaks off everyone's paycheque. But no worries, I got my 8 hours worth. Maybe more...or doubled *GRINS* I love it when there were no managers around. Taking breaks whenever we want is bombbbb.


Vacation: 21 days
19th: 38 days

bomb diggity

July 01, 2009

lover not a fighter, roar !

My Prized Possession: Grey Wilfrid large-sleeve wrap sweater & "Lover not a Fighter" XXI tank.

- did I mention that I love sales?


hurray :)

COUNTDOWN: 26 days till cheap snack on the plane. woohooo!

EDIT: oh sorry, happy 142th(?) birthday Canada! I - AM - CANADIAN