July 15, 2009

like a lollipop

Pretty interesting (what's the word) realization I must say:

Had dinner with a close friend today. After dinner we decided to stop by dollarama so I can get a pack of cotton pads and bobby pins. And of course, the cheap candy section of dollarama (which I always stop by to stare). Friend wanted a pack of chocolate and me? I declined by buying nothing.

SO ODD. For those who know me, I use to eat ALOT of candy back in the days. Unhealthy much? I don't know. I had the biggest sugar craving back in the days to (I guess) help keep me awake during those boring classes in high school. I usually had a pack a day. Sometimes you would find me with packs of candy in my schoolbag. My friend's would call me CANDY GIRL. It's true, and sad.

After swiping that meal plan of mine for those packs of candy, I've realized that it was way too convenient not having to put coins in each time. I took too much advantage of it. Nowadays, my sugar cravings would slowly fade since I'm lazy to walk to shoppers that's literally half a block away from the office. GOOD! I actually feel more healthy. I'm so proud of myself. Haven't had a sugar rush since beginning of May. I hope it stays this way once I'm back at Laurier. What to replace for study snacks then?


Birthday will matter later. HAR - HAR.

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