August 31, 2010

Summer has just begun...

...literally. Whoever's in Toronto will understand. Random thunderstorms here and there, along with a few chilly nights. Now I'm afraid to step out of the house. It's like walking into an oven.

An general idea of what my summer was like:
1-5: Royal Ontario Museum. Took advantage of the complimentary ticket for university students. Only on Tuesday's if you're interested!
6: Pork Bone Soup (of course)
7-8: Ontario Science Centre. Pretty disappointing, since most of the fun stuff were broken or removed. Harry Potter exhibition was even more disappointing.
9-12: My second visit to CNE. More food and walking of course. The Mexican poutine from Bouchard Poutinery was probably the highlight of my night. Poutine is all I think about...sad isn't it?

August 03, 2010

American Food Porn

Red Velvet Cake @ La Grande Orange Cafe

Classic Cinnabon @ Universal Studios

Assorted Asian dishes

Custard Tart Cake from R&J Bakery

Funnel Cake @ Six Flags Magic Mountain

In N Out Burgers

Flaming Hot Cheetos

Studio Cafe's gourmet cupcakes

Red Velvet Cheescake @ the Cheesecake Factory

Some of the foods I had on my LA/Vegas trip. I had more (of course).

To a New Beginning ...

What I love about events that are held at Chinese restaurants:

Madison's Baby Shower at Fancy Chinese Cuisine

I've been waiting for a while now till someone got married to have these dishes again. One of the main reasons why I love Asian weddings. Of course weddings are not the only event that are held at a Chinese restaurant. Babies that are 1 month old have their spotlight as well.

I was trying to play with the positioning of the food so I could take a picture. As you can tell, I was really eager to eat. Hence the poor presentation and messy plates. My bad.