April 30, 2009


things change, shit happens blah blah...i get it~

It`s true what Marilyn Monroe said:
"People change so that you can learn to let go...you believe lies so that you learn to trust no one but yourself"

I believed in so many lies in the past, and I am slowly learning to trust no one but myself

VT and RN: your constant yelling made me a strong person, and yes, i'm slowly adapting LOL


In your arms i feel right at home
that's the feeling I ain't felt before
If you're feeling the same way then let me know
'Cause there's nothing worse than being in love alone

Is it true? That I'm not the only one

April 28, 2009


so i made use of the 9138091231231769 free time I had by fixing my resumes and applied for jobs. let's hope the economy is getting a bit better *cross fingers*

so much for working out. thanks to "the cousin", I feel like visiting starbucks everyday and abusing the freebies LOLOL.


i love how my phone stopped receiving texts for a while, then last night at 4am...40 texts started vibrating my phone. piss the shit out of me.

dance awaaaay....

April 27, 2009

so much time to kill.

i've been approach many times with the same questions:

1. what are you doing this summer?
2. what are you up to today?

my answer? 'i'm just settling down'. catching up with high school friends, family and such. haven't really gotten the chance to fix my resume (which i should asap) if i really want a job.

*sigh, why economy...why must you screw us over now?

and work out, lose dem fat tings.

..hurray for free icecream.
dont hate me for being a hustla :)

if it all works out..
vancouver/calgary, here i come! await my arrival in august '09 :)

April 26, 2009

summmmmma time.

summer '09 begins with: unpacking.

which is the biggest bitch as I dump everything in my room with no where to walk. and to think this will all be packed again once end of august hits..meh.

without further a due...

i have NEVERRR seen anyone this lazy in my entire life.
1. she never contributes to cleaning
2. we always clean up after her mess
3. cleaning is not in her vocabulary apparently.

on the bright side, I am never living with her again. I feel really sorry for the future rooommates though.

i laugh in yo face, suckkkkas. you guys get an award for making the worst decision to live this mess maker bitchass of a rooommate.

April 25, 2009

burnt lips?

Today, I ate a slice of pizza right when it came out of the oven...burnt my bottom lip. Now it stings and ice won't help. FML


i am officially home!

back to reality..time to find a job, sigh*
on the bright side...

19 in three months? muahahahha
time to cause troubleee. =)

April 23, 2009

last few days as a freshman.

april 24th, come now!

studying ended pretty early (as of 11:22pm) as my level of motivation drop. hoping for the best as i scribble in 60 bubbles.

as of now, let the planning of summer '09 begin.


April 22, 2009


as i sit here, contemplating about the next few months, wondering where the path will take me ...

what's next?

I spent the last 8 months in another town, away from my friends and family as I start a new chapter in my life, pursuing a dream through post-secondary.

I've always had a path set, and no matter what the situation is at the moment, I will continue to pursue that path.

nothing can stop me.