April 26, 2009

summmmmma time.

summer '09 begins with: unpacking.

which is the biggest bitch as I dump everything in my room with no where to walk. and to think this will all be packed again once end of august hits..meh.

without further a due...

i have NEVERRR seen anyone this lazy in my entire life.
1. she never contributes to cleaning
2. we always clean up after her mess
3. cleaning is not in her vocabulary apparently.

on the bright side, I am never living with her again. I feel really sorry for the future rooommates though.

i laugh in yo face, suckkkkas. you guys get an award for making the worst decision to live this mess maker bitchass of a rooommate.

1 comment:

Jess said...

Don't feel bad - I can't open my closet door because there are bags and bags of shit, its literally going to explode.