June 08, 2010

Black Diamond

Some of the highlights of my Montreal trip:
- Carrefour Laval: the biggest mall in Quebec and possibly even bigger than Yorkdale.
- All you can eat breakfast (SO good)
- Old Montreal (where all the tourist pictures happen)
- Montreal Poutine: I just had beer and appetizers at Les 3 Brasseurs before stopping by this place but that doesn't stop me. The most amazing poutine I have ever had, with onions and mushrooms.
- O NOIR: with all the average comments I hear about O Noir in Toronto, my friends and I decided to try the original O Noir. Best experience ever and the food was delicious. I ordered the Marinated shrimp with herbs, served with dried tomato risotto and for dessert, Fruit sorbet with fresh pineapples. O Noir in Montreal is highly recommended.

June 01, 2010

Like Shooting Stars

H&M Tunic and Harem Pants, Aldo heels and bag,F21 Necklace
NAIL COLOUR: China Glaze Lemon Fizz (my current yellow obsession)

Sushi on the patio at Makimono before my aunt departs to China tomorrow. Baby's back (and less hairy) and I haven't seen him in so long. He might as well be called "Baby Gong Gong" ... Grandpa Baby who's 10.5 years old but for now, he's still a Baby in our hearts.

Watching The Hills aftershow as they reveal the truth behind Spencer and Heidi's break-up. "The End of the Road" as Jesse and Dan calls it. In my opinion, I see Speidi as the drama couple and this announcement serves as a publicity purpose. A typical Speidi thing to do.

My first pair of Harem pants from H&M and I'm in love. I'm thinking of getting them in grey and black. Or maybe I should stop shopping until I actually get a job. Err..