August 30, 2009

Blast from the past?

Decided to do some summer cleaning on my laptop. It's amazing how much stuff you have stored in your laptop. Looking through all my pictures brings back so much memories.

Thanks to Jess' blog/photographs, I am planning to invest in my own DSLR to capture every moment life has to offer. Although school is starting soon (which will eventually eat my wallet), a DSLR will be expected to appear in my hands by the end of Summer 2010. In the meantime, I will resort to a digital camera (which will also be expected to appear in my hands) by the time school officially starts.

August 25, 2009

MISSING: Clothes.

Let's play "Do you hate it when..." :

Do you hate it when you're trying to find pieces of clothing for your outfit...and something turns out missing. Then you have to decide again what to wear for the day?

Currently missing a long black cardigan. I feel incomplete when something from my closet goes missing.

August 24, 2009

August 23rd

At this point, I have no motivation to do my g2 test for Monday morning. As I went on drivetest to find out how I can cancel, this message just called out my name:

"Due to a labour disruption, DriveTest centres province wide are unable to conduct business resulting in the closure of all offices. This message will be updated upon the resumption of normal services.

All road tests scheduled during the labour disruption may be rescheduled at no additional charge upon the resumption of services. If you have a road test booked within the next 48 hours, PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CANCEL THIS TEST – IT WILL BE CANCELLED AUTOMATICALLY WITHOUT PENALTY.

The automated road test booking systems will remain open during the labour disruption for your convenience. Since we are unable to advise the date at which normal service will resume, we recommend that if you are booking or rescheduling a road test appointment, you select an appointment date at least four business days into the future.

If you hold a licence that requires testing prior to renewal and it is about to expire, the Ministry of Transportation is taking steps to extend your licence until after the end of the labour disruption.

We apologize for any inconvenience."

Beautiful (Clean) - Eminem
In my shoes, just to see
What it's like, to be me
I'll be you, let's trade shoes
Just to see what it be like to
To feel your pain, you feel mine
Go inside each others minds
Just to see what we'd find
Look at shit through each others eyes

August 23, 2009

Butterflies in my stomach

The point of no return. Currently in the 48 hour mark which means I can't cancel my g2 test that was schedule for tomorrow morning. Gave myself a week when I came back from vacation to practice. Did it happen? I got lazy, as always. Now I must commit my night to practicing and possibly early in the morning before the test.

Any advice? Feel free. I really need it.

August 20, 2009

The Unexpected.

Who would've known that a tornado cold possibly hit Vaughan? Pretty rare indeed. The weather is bi-polar. Sometimes I ask myself if we are expecting to experience summer once school starts. Winter starting in March? Global warming is getting worst.

On a good note, at least we had an "Earth Hour" moment. Slept through most of the evening. Packing stuff for tomorrow. I hope things get better soon. I don't want to postpone this till next week.

'cuz everytime I try to rise above

So dreamy. I wish I had stayed longer. It's funny how I still know my way around Vancouver. Although I kept complaining how vacationing for 3 weeks is long enough, it sucks waking up knowing you have work for the first 8 hours of the day. Mindset is still in Vancouver, I can't even concentrate at work. Despite everything that's happening over on the west, all I can do is sit and HOPE that everything will be better and that it will stay better.

Highlights include:
- Shopping at Richmond Centre, only to find out that my dad got lost finding his way home so we ended up leaving pretty early.
- Seattle was long ride. Minus the countless U-turns but it was a decent shopping day. I kinda regret not getting the true religion sweater. Reminds me of my lululemon scuba sweater but thinner.
- Queen Elizabeth Park: know that place inside out but the view was absolutely gorgeous
- Stanley Park: again, view was absolutely beautiful.
- Kits Beach: planned an evening picnic but it got chilly so we just played frisbee
- Science World: expected to be as good as Ontario Science Centre but it was still decent and fun
- Family time on Fraser Street
- Nightmarket and Red Robin
- Numerous restaurant visits
- Fabric Nightclub = Birthday Part 1

Spoiled brat, but she still makes me laugh.

August 13, 2009

The reason I gained weight.

Thanks Uncle, for owning a warehouse full of these yummy asian goodies...and as a result, I got extremely chubby.

August 11, 2009

crossing the border makes me nervous.

$40 Shoes and $35 jaws hurt from smiling already.

Down to the last week on vacation then it's back to Toronto. I hope the weather clears up when I get back. Gonna hit up Science World, Coquitlam, Gossip Nightclub, and pig out on spicy salmon sushi. Spending more quality family time in between. My visa is in pain.

August 09, 2009


I can proudly say that I've went horse back riding yay!

August 06, 2009

"Welcome to Vancouver"

I am terrified of turbulence. Last night's take off was horrible. Seatbelt sign did not turn off for a good 20 minutes. Next thing you know, we arrived in Vancouver. It was a 1 hour flight. Shortest plane ride ever. The shitty weather in Calgary delayed our flight by an hour. Argh, I left my Arizona green tea in the fridge.

Had a chance to upload some pictures on facebook. It's hidden for now until I finalized which pictures I show. Here's a sneak peak of the many adventures I had in Calgary: (feel free to click on the pictures to view an enlarged version)

This is just the beginning :D Why do I look so fat?

August 03, 2009

Day ? I lost count.

LINA TRAN: how did you get your nice layout ? :(

Yesterday was such an adventurous YET tiring day. Went to Banff for the second time with the family to take "pictures". Stopped by Lake Louise which was the most beautiful thing ever. After that, I'd thought we would go to another location to take pictures. Little did I know, we ended up hiking one of the mountains of Banff: Sulpher Mountain. Started around 2pm, arrived at the top around 4:30pm. It was the most intense hike of my entire life. The beginning of the hike already tired me out. I guess I should've went to the Laurier gym more often or even better yet, started swimming laps again. Hokey Pokey was probably the cause of my laziness going up this hill. Maybe I should lower down on the Baskin Robin visits. I was so happy when we made it to the top. Treated ourselves to some cheeseburger and fries HAHAHA! Took the gondola down the mountains. I would never hike back down.

Went out for the night with Kristine. Took me out to a club called "Whiskeys". Sorry Lisa! Couldn't meet up with you at Flames Central. Tried a few drinks I had never tried before. Preparing to leave the club when "sketchy ass" guys started talking to us. Puh-lease, get out of my face.

I'm already getting pumped up for my birthday. Someone please take care of me that night.

Headed to Edmonton early this morning to go to West Edmonton Mall. 3 hour drive but it was worth every moment at this mall. Too bad I couldn't get to see the amusement park section of the mall. Pair of jeans from forever XXI and a sleeveless cardigan from Hollister. 5% tax, of course I had to get these. Got to see cousin Adam today. Went for Malaysian food and then it was time to head back to Calgary. I will see you next summer big guy!

TIME TO SLEEP IN HOMEFRIES. No more waking up at 9am to travel to places. Peace out blogger.

August 01, 2009

Day 4 - Horse back Riding!

Horse Back Riding - Definitely an experience that i'll never forget.

I wish I can (insert picture here). My horse was really pretty, I'm positive that his(her?) name is Juice. The name explains the random pee stops on the trail. As a precaution, I had to stick my legs outward to avoid splashes on my legs. The horses walked in a single line so we were told that we were suppose to make sure our horse is staring at the other horse's butt. The disturbing view of the horse's behind...I won't go in detail.

My experience consists of funny/embarassing/scary/random moments:

1) Galloping - When the horses gallop, well, you bounce along. I'm pretty much still in pain. LISA on the other hand bounced like she literally bounced off the horse. Funny moment I must admit. According to her, "it feels like a mi deng going in you". I literally LOL'd.

2) The horses love to eat - I hate it when my horse had to stop to grab some snacks (aka grass). We were told to jerk on their reigns really hard to stop them from eating. My view on this? I was scared that if I jerk on the reigns too hard, they would go crazy and gallop fast like those in the movies. You never know what could happen. Horses are big and heavy and they could potentially step on me :(

3) 7 year olds riding calmly - Uhm embarassing much? Me and Lisa were the only ones freaking out (okay maybe me only) but riding with 7 year olds made me look bad and stupid.

4) Random - I got bitten by a mosquito..THROUGH MY LEGGINGS. Is that even possible? Ugh.

Oh well, at least I can finally say that I have officially went horse-back riding :) Banff was absolutely beautiful. Which is why i'm going again tomorrow HAHA! With family this time.