August 20, 2009

'cuz everytime I try to rise above

So dreamy. I wish I had stayed longer. It's funny how I still know my way around Vancouver. Although I kept complaining how vacationing for 3 weeks is long enough, it sucks waking up knowing you have work for the first 8 hours of the day. Mindset is still in Vancouver, I can't even concentrate at work. Despite everything that's happening over on the west, all I can do is sit and HOPE that everything will be better and that it will stay better.

Highlights include:
- Shopping at Richmond Centre, only to find out that my dad got lost finding his way home so we ended up leaving pretty early.
- Seattle was long ride. Minus the countless U-turns but it was a decent shopping day. I kinda regret not getting the true religion sweater. Reminds me of my lululemon scuba sweater but thinner.
- Queen Elizabeth Park: know that place inside out but the view was absolutely gorgeous
- Stanley Park: again, view was absolutely beautiful.
- Kits Beach: planned an evening picnic but it got chilly so we just played frisbee
- Science World: expected to be as good as Ontario Science Centre but it was still decent and fun
- Family time on Fraser Street
- Nightmarket and Red Robin
- Numerous restaurant visits
- Fabric Nightclub = Birthday Part 1

Spoiled brat, but she still makes me laugh.

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