August 01, 2009

Day 4 - Horse back Riding!

Horse Back Riding - Definitely an experience that i'll never forget.

I wish I can (insert picture here). My horse was really pretty, I'm positive that his(her?) name is Juice. The name explains the random pee stops on the trail. As a precaution, I had to stick my legs outward to avoid splashes on my legs. The horses walked in a single line so we were told that we were suppose to make sure our horse is staring at the other horse's butt. The disturbing view of the horse's behind...I won't go in detail.

My experience consists of funny/embarassing/scary/random moments:

1) Galloping - When the horses gallop, well, you bounce along. I'm pretty much still in pain. LISA on the other hand bounced like she literally bounced off the horse. Funny moment I must admit. According to her, "it feels like a mi deng going in you". I literally LOL'd.

2) The horses love to eat - I hate it when my horse had to stop to grab some snacks (aka grass). We were told to jerk on their reigns really hard to stop them from eating. My view on this? I was scared that if I jerk on the reigns too hard, they would go crazy and gallop fast like those in the movies. You never know what could happen. Horses are big and heavy and they could potentially step on me :(

3) 7 year olds riding calmly - Uhm embarassing much? Me and Lisa were the only ones freaking out (okay maybe me only) but riding with 7 year olds made me look bad and stupid.

4) Random - I got bitten by a mosquito..THROUGH MY LEGGINGS. Is that even possible? Ugh.

Oh well, at least I can finally say that I have officially went horse-back riding :) Banff was absolutely beautiful. Which is why i'm going again tomorrow HAHA! With family this time.

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