May 31, 2009

road online rage.


"french lady", i hope your store shuts down :)
bitch like you doesn't deserve to manage stores.

Half of me thinks it's a stupid decision/
but the other half thinks it's the best thing to do.

what's best for me

I hope luck is on my side this time, I really need it.

May 30, 2009

feels like insomnia (8)

thanks to gladjieh, now I am under the influence of staying up late. Not to mention that my earlobe is still effin infected and I have work at 1pm tomorrow. 8 hour shift here I come...with that dreadful french manager of mine.

how silly of me to think that I can study in the back room of baskin robbins with Lina. I did get two assignments done though considering the amount of background noise, distraction and procrastination. Free icecream in the end :) hokey pokey, go try it out - highly recommended.

okay seriously, i'm tired of waiting. birthday come sooner please?

I need the motivation to work out. Although eating is my favourite part of the day, I can't help but be lazy and just sit on my ass all day. I shall attempt to do wii fitness test tomorrow. I'll update this with my fitness test score.

until next time...


body-break (8) this commercial was so annoying.

May 27, 2009


I was told that my blog was beginning to look lonely. Not gonna point out names so here's a post dedicated to you, ex-neighbour wahaha.

and no, nothing about my shower. please, too exclusive for you. :)

I miss our long nights, sleepovers, going over randomly, munching on your snack cabinet LOL, the partays, and I forget the rest because you moved HOW LONG AGO? You only lasted like 1-2 years as my neighbour! Jerk.

I still love you!

I got a wake up call from work asking me to come in tomorrow 1-9. Sorry but if I wasn't scheduled on days like this, I would obviously be making plans to make use of my days off. You honestly can't be mad at me for not making tomorrow's shift. Whose to blame for hiring me full time but at first, scheduled me almost everyday of the week and now when this week started, I only get two shifts? I don't understand how that works. So in the end, I made plans on days where I don't have work which was 5/7 days of the week?

Shit happens.

May 24, 2009

Finally a day to relax.

After working four days in a row, 6-8 hours per day, I finally get to relax and sleep in like I always did when I was jobless and was loafting hard at home.

So the only camera in the family had technical difficulties for while now after my sisters decide to take jumping pictures in the washroom and dropped the camera in a pool of water last easter weekend. What was worst? Olympus claims that the camera is waterproof. So does it explain why it constantly says "low battery" everytime the battery was charged? I miss taking pictures. Maybe it's a sign to buy a new camera.

Patiently waiting for the first should I spend it? :)

May 20, 2009

I won't say, "I told you so" ~

Can't really say the job search hunt has ended but I am still trying to find a decent office job. I really need my g2, but practicing with parents has lowered my confidence level.

Hopefully this new place doesn't take my life away. I'll literally have 1-2 days off. eff, emm, elle. But on the bright side, commission doesn't start till 3 months later THUS slacking still exists in my vocabulary, har har! I missed my free starbucks today though. I guess it's worth it, I gotta lay low on the visits...cousin thinks i'm a tubalard *tears*.

Ottawa/Montreal was pretty amazing. The "highlight of the vacation" award would probably have to go to:

  • the prize winning lobster dinner at the hilton.

    I would've went swimming, if mother nature didn't visit this quickly!
  • May 15, 2009


    to ottawa/montreal.

    BUT FIRST...

    another dreadful job interview. gotta open my options, oui?

    May 13, 2009


    of how I forgot my parent's anniversary T____T

    MOM: so today is May 13 wo~ (in chinese)

    no wonder my dad asked where we should go out to eat.
    I blame laurier, for keeping me away for 8 months
    causing me to become very forgetful.

    May 10, 2009

    happy mommma daay!

    so I lost again in 649. le sigh, when will I ever win? I can already imagine when I DO win...I will definately TAKE OVER THE WORLD.

    I'd list out what I'd get if I win the lottery but..
    this post is dedicated to my mommaa!♥


    Although this morning started off with yelling and lecturing about my spending habits, and constantly nagging me to clean the house....

    I still love you momm, you're my idol and inspiration.

    but when I get my G2 license in the next few weeks:

    I'll definately miss those times you drive me to school haha.

    Can someone get me PostSecret books for my birthday?

    I will love you forever and ever and ever

    May 08, 2009

    Isketch with sketchbags.

    dinosaur? barney? giraffe?

    litter = loiter (apparently)
    jovaun: the murderer, eric even shaded in his face LOL.
    What would you draw if you were given "cock"?
    and of course, the winner.

    I honestly need a life...instead of spending countless hours playing isketch with sketchbags late at night. Hire me AA.

    May 07, 2009

    what is "detention"?


    So funny story today. My sister came home with a letter, approached me and asked "wanna see something stupid?". With anything "stupid", of course I agreed...and read the letter.

    This letter is to inform you that your child has had difficulty following one or more of the school's expectations and as a consequence, will be asked to remain after school to attend the Fossil Focus Room. During this time, he/she will be working on homework tasks or on activities that will help develop their social skills.

    Your child had difficulty with the following FOSSIL expectation/s:
  • F-Follow directions the first time they are given

  • uhm, focus room? Kids these days...always getting into trouble but wow, this school has got to be seriously stupid since I left 5 years ago.


    HAHAHAHHAHAHA DETENTION. oh gosh, I miss being young. Brings back so many memories of receiving "detention". Makes me wonder how I ended up in detention in the first place.

    May 06, 2009


    what would I do without you?

    ..harhar its great to have a cousin who works there :)

    May 05, 2009

    "Retro indeed!"

    So I had my interview today, along with million other teens. Had my interview with another potential "american apparel-er". I took a quick peek at his resume and all I see is:



    Tall, slicked hair, skinny, american apparel blue wonder. Although the whole time, I talked the most. A plus indeed *BIG GRIN*. It was the first time I felt "less" nervous. I'm improving in interviews, finally.

    I really need to go out and enjoy this nice weather BUT being broke does stop me from leaving the house. That's why you all should cross your fingers for me and hope that I do get this job. Or you'll be seeing less of me during the whole summer... someone please take me away and out of Toronto.

    Okay I lie, I have my birthday to plan. 19th birthday in August, time to cause havoc ! bwahaha.

    May 04, 2009

    oh em gee.

    what to wear to an "american apparel" job interview?


    sos, help !
    I found out after I told my sister I got the interview that my cousin went for the same one. Kinda brought my hopes down a bit, but nothing will stop me.

    Imagine all the amazing discounts. Modelling their clothes.

    I am one step closer.

    *crossing fingers* for Forever XXI and Zara. Hurray!!!!


    These are so eye-catching.

    BEE'S KNEES ..

    This one is SO true. Don't you ever get the feeling that you can't do the "number 2" business in public so you wait until you go home?

    May 03, 2009

    To all those who said I needed to leave the house....

    SUCK MY DANK !!!

    I left the house,
    and enjoyed my saturday night.

    just like you all told me to, wahahaha!

    lockdown my ass. swine flu cant stop me!
    (although I still need to take precaution)

    May 02, 2009


    such a perfect time to go on vacation.
    UGH jealous x 100000000000000000000

    I definately envy those who are on their way/in china, hk or vacation in general.

    but as time goes by, it will soon be my turn...if you count travelling to the other side of the country a vacation.

    May 01, 2009

    I miss...

  • pork bone soup
  • random all nighters
  • pho dau bo
  • sweet dreams teashop
  • $1 shots, Thursday nights @ Bubble Tease
  • skipping astronomy
  • kismet
  • dinning hall foood
  • swipping my one card
  • O-WEEK 2008
  • random visits to conestoga
  • mission to cambridge centre
  • fairview during school times
  • starbucks visits
  • spending countless hours at the library
  • dawb-ing
  • DC-ing & DP-ing
  • "it's great, to be..a laurier golden hawk"!!
  • bricker 3 events
  • getting dolled up by lucy
  • wearing contacts
  • Fox and Fiddle, 40 cent wings
  • Morty's and their juiciest wings mhMMm
  • drinking "juice" on weekdays LOL
  • Mel's diner
  • the largest east side marios
  • pulling pranks late at night
  • super smash bros
  • cooking randomly
  • ordering takeout
  • my salad diet
  • drinking honeydew italian soda almost everyday
  • Bricker 3

    I miss freedom in general :( LOL's great to be home :)

    I gotta stop the "loafting" business though, and enjoy the beautiful weather.