May 05, 2009

"Retro indeed!"

So I had my interview today, along with million other teens. Had my interview with another potential "american apparel-er". I took a quick peek at his resume and all I see is:



Tall, slicked hair, skinny, american apparel blue wonder. Although the whole time, I talked the most. A plus indeed *BIG GRIN*. It was the first time I felt "less" nervous. I'm improving in interviews, finally.

I really need to go out and enjoy this nice weather BUT being broke does stop me from leaving the house. That's why you all should cross your fingers for me and hope that I do get this job. Or you'll be seeing less of me during the whole summer... someone please take me away and out of Toronto.

Okay I lie, I have my birthday to plan. 19th birthday in August, time to cause havoc ! bwahaha.

1 comment:

Jess said...

retail is slave work and all your money goes back to the store BUT if its AA whose complaining?