May 07, 2009

what is "detention"?


So funny story today. My sister came home with a letter, approached me and asked "wanna see something stupid?". With anything "stupid", of course I agreed...and read the letter.

This letter is to inform you that your child has had difficulty following one or more of the school's expectations and as a consequence, will be asked to remain after school to attend the Fossil Focus Room. During this time, he/she will be working on homework tasks or on activities that will help develop their social skills.

Your child had difficulty with the following FOSSIL expectation/s:
  • F-Follow directions the first time they are given

  • uhm, focus room? Kids these days...always getting into trouble but wow, this school has got to be seriously stupid since I left 5 years ago.


    HAHAHAHHAHAHA DETENTION. oh gosh, I miss being young. Brings back so many memories of receiving "detention". Makes me wonder how I ended up in detention in the first place.

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