May 30, 2009

feels like insomnia (8)

thanks to gladjieh, now I am under the influence of staying up late. Not to mention that my earlobe is still effin infected and I have work at 1pm tomorrow. 8 hour shift here I come...with that dreadful french manager of mine.

how silly of me to think that I can study in the back room of baskin robbins with Lina. I did get two assignments done though considering the amount of background noise, distraction and procrastination. Free icecream in the end :) hokey pokey, go try it out - highly recommended.

okay seriously, i'm tired of waiting. birthday come sooner please?

I need the motivation to work out. Although eating is my favourite part of the day, I can't help but be lazy and just sit on my ass all day. I shall attempt to do wii fitness test tomorrow. I'll update this with my fitness test score.

until next time...


body-break (8) this commercial was so annoying.

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