May 27, 2009


I was told that my blog was beginning to look lonely. Not gonna point out names so here's a post dedicated to you, ex-neighbour wahaha.

and no, nothing about my shower. please, too exclusive for you. :)

I miss our long nights, sleepovers, going over randomly, munching on your snack cabinet LOL, the partays, and I forget the rest because you moved HOW LONG AGO? You only lasted like 1-2 years as my neighbour! Jerk.

I still love you!

I got a wake up call from work asking me to come in tomorrow 1-9. Sorry but if I wasn't scheduled on days like this, I would obviously be making plans to make use of my days off. You honestly can't be mad at me for not making tomorrow's shift. Whose to blame for hiring me full time but at first, scheduled me almost everyday of the week and now when this week started, I only get two shifts? I don't understand how that works. So in the end, I made plans on days where I don't have work which was 5/7 days of the week?

Shit happens.

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