August 03, 2009

Day ? I lost count.

LINA TRAN: how did you get your nice layout ? :(

Yesterday was such an adventurous YET tiring day. Went to Banff for the second time with the family to take "pictures". Stopped by Lake Louise which was the most beautiful thing ever. After that, I'd thought we would go to another location to take pictures. Little did I know, we ended up hiking one of the mountains of Banff: Sulpher Mountain. Started around 2pm, arrived at the top around 4:30pm. It was the most intense hike of my entire life. The beginning of the hike already tired me out. I guess I should've went to the Laurier gym more often or even better yet, started swimming laps again. Hokey Pokey was probably the cause of my laziness going up this hill. Maybe I should lower down on the Baskin Robin visits. I was so happy when we made it to the top. Treated ourselves to some cheeseburger and fries HAHAHA! Took the gondola down the mountains. I would never hike back down.

Went out for the night with Kristine. Took me out to a club called "Whiskeys". Sorry Lisa! Couldn't meet up with you at Flames Central. Tried a few drinks I had never tried before. Preparing to leave the club when "sketchy ass" guys started talking to us. Puh-lease, get out of my face.

I'm already getting pumped up for my birthday. Someone please take care of me that night.

Headed to Edmonton early this morning to go to West Edmonton Mall. 3 hour drive but it was worth every moment at this mall. Too bad I couldn't get to see the amusement park section of the mall. Pair of jeans from forever XXI and a sleeveless cardigan from Hollister. 5% tax, of course I had to get these. Got to see cousin Adam today. Went for Malaysian food and then it was time to head back to Calgary. I will see you next summer big guy!

TIME TO SLEEP IN HOMEFRIES. No more waking up at 9am to travel to places. Peace out blogger.

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