July 23, 2009

Have I ever had a successful shopping day at vaughan mills?

No, Vaughan Mills Mall is a waste of time. I can never find anything decent when I need it the most. This shows how bad the mall is. It still sucks for an outlet mall.

Please calgary/edmonton, don't disappoint me when I visit you. It will be my first time at west edmonton mall. By then, I expect to walk out with tons of shopping bags and possibly be out of breath enjoying the indoor amusement/water parks. Word :D

I'm gonna miss baby for the next few weeks. Have fun at aunty's, I'll bring home a toy bone for you.

the position of my hello kitty toy is very awkward.

This blog will officially become my vacation blog. I finally found a decent camera to bring with me where I'll capture "the moments". My first time in Calgary, I'm pretty excited. Gonna stop by bestfriend's house first so she can take me around. Will be stopping by Edmonton then Banff while driving to Vancouver. I'm gonna trust my parents on this one when they say it's a 10 hour drive from Calgary to Vancouver. I'd understand if it's longer since we're stopping in Banff. But 10 hours is already crossing the line. Driving to Florida was already uncomfortable x 1000000000.

4 days (:

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