July 06, 2009

why do mosquitos exists?

So I can officially say that I got my first mosquito bite. I know, pretty late in the game. Already halfway through the summer and I got my first bite. What I don't understand is how I managed to get bitten yesterday near the elbow when I had on a long sleeve sweater the whole night at the bbq. I guess I do have sweet blood, at certain times of the year that is.

I've finally received my final paycheque working at the stupid mall. Although it's short 8 hours, I guess she decided to deduct lunch breaks off everyone's paycheque. But no worries, I got my 8 hours worth. Maybe more...or doubled *GRINS* I love it when there were no managers around. Taking breaks whenever we want is bombbbb.


Vacation: 21 days
19th: 38 days

bomb diggity

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Jess said...

I swear once one bites you they all know to come buzzing over - yuck.