July 21, 2009

There's always room to try new things.

I would know. Peer pressure takes a while to sink in, nonetheless, I will still try. I am amazing at guessing flavours though :)

I need to stop spending money on stupid movies. Harry Potter was actually decent, minus the non-stop talking in the beginning. HAD TO ADMIT, I shed some tears for the dumbledore scene. Pretty sad, MY HERO of the movie.

Making use of my time before I fly to the other side. I wish I had a camera. If only my sisters took better care of the camera when they tried taking jumping pictures near a jacuzzi.

I need an ipod. I am seeing a bulge in my stomach. Going through freshman 15 during the summer, wtf !

5 more days

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Jess said...

peach shisha = apple shisha, i don't get it. remy needs to get his last shot then i'll bring him over to meet baby :D