July 11, 2009

Stinky tofu really stinks

I wish I had her singing talent.

Back from night-market at metro square. Still in my clothes since I don't wanna make any noise while I change. Pretty scared to make noise in general just in case cranky daddy wakes up and starts telling me that I'm not allowed to go out late anymore. That's right, I still live by my parents rules since i'll be under their roof for the next month and a half.

Never knew stinky tofu reeks THAT bad. Once me and my friends stepped foot in nightmarket, it stinks. Smells like Chinatown in the morning but 2 times the odour. Two of my friends decided to share a portion just to say that they actually tried it. Although they regret it, at least they tried unlike me who chickened out. Word, it was THAT bad. Maybe next time when I feel more energetic. Lacking sleep resulted in a bad headache today.

AND OH to those who are going soon, flip flops are NOT a good idea..just in case you step on skewer sticks that people throw on the floor. I got poked in the foot by one so I checked my foot to see if it was bleeding. Good thing it didn't. My paper cut was worst already.

Decided not to return my panda shirt to forever XXI. Maybe I exaggerated too much that the hole in the armpit area was so big. So I got excited and wore it to night market.

3:00 am. It's time to sleep.

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