July 12, 2009

"wo you da je je"

"See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil."

A mini get-together went back to a pool party after the weather seemed pretty nice with no chance of rain for the rest of the day. This morning was horrible. The splashing noises got too annoying but that still didn't bother my beauty sleep. Woke up hoping Steph would come over early so my parents wouldn't yell at me for coming home late last night if my friends are around. It worked, as always :). Finally at 2:1 at successful hair colouring. Steph's hair actually turned out better than expected. Note to self + others: avoid mousse texture hair dye. Steph got it and it sucked. No hair colour change at all. Mainly because we didn't read the instructions first LOL.

Saw these really interesting gargoyles? at the pool party. Friend's parents got them not too long ago. I might be interested in those myself.

that's right, all mine.

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