July 28, 2009

Day One - Teeth Cleaning?

Westjet planes are so cramped. Alleyway is really tight and there's always a line for the bathroom UGH! The usual cranberry juice and bits & bites, complementary by Westjet. Flying at night is really tiring. Didn't even sleep until 4 hours later. Imagine how my eyes were...

Woke up pretty early today. Had dimsum with the Calgarians aka hosts. We were gonna head out to the zoo. Weather was pretty shitty and it was chilly, decided to go tomorrow. Heard the zoo is super duper big, bigger than Toronto Zoo. Pictures coming soon.

Me and one of my sisters had our teeth cleaned today. Pretty random right? Parent's friends are orthodontists. Free service I think? Explains why their house is "ginormously" huge. $3 million mansion. View is absolutely gorgeous. Minus the construction workers.

En route to my man's house, Lisa Tran AKA bffl. I gotta fix this visa of mine. Why does it still keep declining? I WANNA SHOP!

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Jess said...

i love the feeling after a teeth cleaning though HA. btw i tagged you in my post today ;D glad you're having fun in calgary!