July 30, 2009

Day 2 - Calgary Tower

I have not yet found the time to upload some pictures on blogspot. One, I don't have the usb cord. Two, I don't know how to upload using a macbook.

Flopped on zoo again to go to Calgary Tower. All I can tell you is that the tower is about 1/5 the size of CN Tower. It also has the features of glass floor and 360 restaurant. Someone should come with me to the 360 restaurant at CN tower when I come back :)

"Crave" has the most adorable cupcakes ever. Too bad it melted it a bit before I could even take a picture. Didn't have time to devour the cupcake so I gotta wait till tomorrow.

PETER'S DINE IN: yummiest cheeseburgers, with an oreo milkshake and french fries. The best combo for a carbicide.

WOODY'S TAPHOUSE. I am getting the hang of pubs now. Tried a bottlecap and it tasted like candy. Had half a cup of beer BECAUSE I'M A CHICKEN. Waiting till my birthday to officially get "super smashed". Had to get Kevin to finish my portion of the jug. Thanks tank, I owe you haha.

LISA TRAN FLOPPED, i'm gonna kick her ass tomorrow...i'm joking, I love you. Sleep well tonight because we have lots of catching up to do :)

Sobered up. What to do now?

JESS: very lazy to do the list. When there's no alcohol in my body, i'll have the energy to think haha.

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