November 30, 2009

Red Rocket & Cool Breeze

Happy Birthday SL

Birthday Celebration #2 at Jack Astors. My deluxe bacon cheeseburger wasn't quite up to standards (did not have the WOW factor) but I can't complain; food is food.

Highlight of the night was when the birthday girl opened up two gifts that consisted of a black ADIDAS both bags. We're definitely good at planning gifts (clearly not).

Christmas tree is finally up in the house. Looking forward to what December has in store, minus the thought of finals lurking closer. I wish I went away for vacation, the weather here is definitely not cooperating with me at the moment.


Aney, said...

Haha, it's funny because I just came across your blog and you looked so familiar! Yeah, I'm the girl who told you Lisa was looking for you. She was looking all over for you because you disappeared on her so I asked someone who you were and they pointed to you so I figured that I would tell you. Sorry, you probably thought I was some stranger just talking to you haha.

Jessica Mac said...

forever young, i wanna be forever youngggg