November 02, 2009

5 am, cold sweats waking up to the skies

Heidi and Spender as: Jon and Kate
- I LOL when I saw this.
Since when does Jon wear Ed Hardy?
Epic fail, Spencer Pratt.

Sleep deprivation has officially taken over my life. Midterms are over, although I don't quite get how I can still manage stay up this late.

The gym is calling my name. I don't like the fact that my agenda is full of receipts for the previous week. Studying + lazy to cook = GAINED WEIGHT.

It's pretty funny how I spend my first weekend in Waterloo studying. Especially on the night of Halloween. While I watch in envy as my roommates dress up in their costumes, I sit in the kitchen attempting to study when all I can think of is "partying".

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Linda Vo said...

haha that picture is kinda cute