November 08, 2009

last name ever, first name greatest

My weekend back in Toronto consisted off...actually, not much. Turned down seeing my friend in Waterloo for groceries and laundry back in Toronto. Haven't seen her for over a year and she goes to school down the street from me. What are the odds? Claims that she's been super busy every day but had this weekend free. What has UW done to you? Just playing :P

Stopped by Vaughan Mills Mall as a weekend routine. This mall still disappoints me (no offence to those who love this mall). Walked out of Forever XXI empty-handed because nothing caught my eye - same with the rest of the mall. Trying to find a decent pair of boots for the winter but no luck. Took a picture of this ADORABLE dogcat at Pet Safari (just opened at vaughan mills). Baby would definitely love another friend.

Grocery shopping - couldn't stand to eat out for another day. Considering that I'm very lazy to go work out at the gym, it's time that I start cooking and start spending money on groceries.

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Lina Tran said...

Who's Cat???? :O Where's BABY??!!!!!!!!!!