June 16, 2009

where are you motivation?

As June 20th near, my two textbooks remains unopen until I finally have energy to start studying "hardcore". Work takes up most of my time and I am beginning to be sleep deprived. FML

What to do. Head in Waterloo Friday afternoon? Or accept a ride from my mom early morning on Saturday. HMMMMM...the thought of waking up super duper early makes me shiver.

So after one full month of hard work, my parents decided that we go fly to calgary first thing after canada's day. Asking for three weeks off will be difficult, considering the manager is really selfish so she'll say no. Can't blame her, it's money i'm turning down. FML #2

I'm the biggest procrastinator you'll ever meet. Hence this is why i'm wasting time blogging.

BTW candy apples are the bommbbb. the yummy-ness (Michelle's vocabulary) makes me forget about the 10000000 calaries/carbs entering my body per bite. OH gosh, I really need to work out. Wii fit please :)

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