June 13, 2009

the item that made my night worse than it already is :

so this STUPID thing here -

was purchased because I was getting tired of purchasing batteries for my two wii controllers. I stopped buying batteries because, meh, I was in school so I had no time to play anyways (i mean work out). Who knew friends would come over and we would just brawl non-stop. Then by mid-may, controllers died and my friends would bring their controllers when they come over. One asked, "why don't you just get the rechargeable deck thingy?" Mhmm, maybe I should when I get my first paycheque.

I purchased this WII CHARGE STATION for $39.99 ($45.19 with tax) at TOYS 'R US. Opened up the package aka point of no return. I come home and DECIDED TO LOOK THROUGH BEST BUY'S WEEKLY CATALOGUE and I see:

NYKO's Wii Charge Station - $24.99 SAVE $10

'xcuse me? since when was this originally $34.99? AND $24.99? WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!!

END OF STORY before I get pissed even more.

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