June 29, 2009

5-0, B's and Drags

I have work in 4 hours. Why did I decide to go out? Was craving another bubble tea so we decide to drink and dine at destiny's after midnight. Decided to go congee wong when we were a block away from destiny's so we got take out bubble tea instead. Finished my small cup in 2 minutes (such a feen for the tapiocas) and headed over to fmp only to find out that it was closed. FMP's congee wong is soft btw. In the end, decided to head back to friend's place and order pizza/wings. What a waste of trip, richmond hill for a cup of bubble tea LOL. But why did I decide to come home now ugh.

Flying in this baby on July 27th. Not gonna be looking forward to the cheap snacks, limited drinks and cramp alleyway on the plane. Looking forward to seeing bffl after how many years? Gonna get my drank on. Gotta love calgary for making legal age 18. Spending 19th birthday in Vancouver, let's see how the west side parties. BRING IT ON!

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