June 17, 2009

really now?

in debt $9.07 ? Did I really have to buy bubble tea? WHY :(

Luckily i'm getting paid this friday. But wow, I thought I would never use my overdraft until now. Guess I have to start watching what I buy. Online shopping will have to wait till next month. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

So after doing some online banking, I've been loafting for a good hour. Haven't looked at my notes/textbooks or anything. I need that motivation now, stat!

So I came home after work, and didn't really expect to step in my dog's pee. I started to panic because eww, it's pee and now my feet's covered in baby's pee. While panicking, I happened to awaken my tired father from his beauty sleep, so you probably know what happens next. Aggravated father wakes up, starts yelling la-de-da.

I already hate picking up poo. Cleaning up pee sucks even more since it's wet. With a baby mind, it's already too late to potty train this old dog.

As a consequence, he's sleeping in the laundry room. Poor dog.

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