June 01, 2009

A lovely Sunday Night.

I really need to rant about the hills finale/mtv movie awards.

The Hills

Amazing, amazing, AMAZING episode. Amazed how Speidi's wedding turned out and I can't wait till they unveil the whole wedding on June 8th. This is gonna be verrrrry interesting to watch.

..and mtv please, check your sound system. I hate watching tv when people are just moving their mouths with no sound. Watching the new season of the hills promo with kristen cavalleri WITH NO SOUND AGAIN totally defeats the purpose of a "sneak peak" preview.

"I just met justin bobby. He's such a stand up guy." - Kristen Cavalleri

Next season will definately be catty. No more lauren/kristen drama. Gonna miss Lauren in the hills, it will never be the same. Audrina/kristen drama will absolutely be interesting to watch, especially when it's justin bobby =O. Reality tv shows kills it.

MTV Movie Awards 2009

Wow. Andy Samberg definately makes the award show worth watching. At first, "best award show" came to mind but after hearing few friends say it was bad, I finally understand why.

1) Eminem/Bruno Shinanigans
Sacha Baron in a g-string, flying across the theatre in an angel outfit. Halfway to the stage, he flips and lost balance. Crew members try lowering him but he landed on...


At first it was funny to watch and you think it was actually staged and plan. Once Eminem started cussing and everything was censored, we were all just confused as Eminem, bodyguards + D12 leaves the award show in outrage. Definately not staged as confirmed by dan levy.

..and without further a do, nominees were not announced for "Best Male Performance" so Bruno just announced the winner while trying to get off Eminem.

Poor Zac Effron, especially the way he received the award. Awkward.

2) Megan Fox's hair-do?

not really a fan of gel-ed back hair. Loved the dress though.

3) Leanne Rimes singing "Jizz in my Pants" ?
Very weird. Although I prefer Adam Samberg singing his own songs, the performance was "alright".

4) Kristen Stewart
Aside from Twilight stealing all the awards, why do you look stoned? What's with the converse and always touching your hair?

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