July 15, 2010

The Boiler House

After Cafe Moroc, I had another Summerlicious reservation at The Boiler House for dinner. I know, what a fatty right? I'm so bored and tired of the typical franchises (i.e. Jack Astors, Moxies, Baton Rouge, Kelsey's and more) and Summerlicious gave me the opportunity to try unique fine dining restaurants at a fixed price. The last restaurant out of my Summerlicious list before I fly off to Las Vegas in less than 10 hours. I originally had 6 but couldn't fit all that in one week. Again, please excuse the quality of the photos; Boiler House emitted very minimal lighting.

Location: 55 Mill St, Toronto (Distillery District) (416)203-2121, $$$

Here's a breakdown of what I ordered:

Chilled Sweet Pea Veloute, Garlic Chips and Mint Crème Fraiche
- Definitely something new and I'm glad that I tried it. I finished half of the soup though; guess I wasn't a fan. Had a bite of my friend's Baked Asparagus Strudel and is definitely recommended.

8oz Ontario AAA Angus Sirloin, Pomme Pont Neuf, Grilled Local Asparagus, Braised Cipollini Onion Jus
- The steak would've been perfect if I had it medium-rare. I ordered well done originally since my filet burger from Bier Markt was too red and chewy.

Strawberry & Rhubarb Crumble
- My favourite dessert during Summerlicious. This definitely tops the two creme brulee desserts I had at previous restaurants.


Credits: Toronto's Summerlicious 2010


Jess said...

This may have been one of my fav 'Liciouses! I think I'm going to retire from them after this Summerlicious though.

Kristy said...

Gaaaah, going through your previous posts just made me hungry! (and I just had my lunch!) I skipped Summerlicious this year though, need to stop spending and start saving up :p

I wish I could make Guu my second home (that'd be awesome!) but it's pretty expensive:( But I'd love to have their yakiudon everyday as breakfast, lunch, and dinner. hahahaha...

I use Canon Powershot to take my photos :) Nothing special.


The F Word Online said...

that food looks so yummy ! i went to summerlicious at stonegrill and it was amazing

xx lue