July 10, 2010


Please disregard the quality of the pictures. The place emitted a small amount of light and I had no choice but to use flash. If only I had a DSLR...

My two friends and I decided against Fred's Not Here after reading reviews on how the place/food was "average" and a couple of friends also confirmed this. My first Summerlicious experience and I must admit, the price I paid was more for the atmosphere. After 9pm it became a bar/club and it had a live band. An older crowd but I regret leaving right after dinner. No comment about the rest of the night.

Location: 58 the Esplanade, Toronto (416)862-7575, $$$

Here's a breakdown of what I ordered:

- Malpeque oysters, Stella Artois crème, julienned fennel, baby spinach, gruyère gratin

Probably my favourite dish of the night. The flavouring was perfect. Reminded me of the oyster dish from GUU (minus the mushrooms).

- 6 oz filet mignon, caramelized onion, smoked bacon, vine ripe tomato, Mapledale Farms aged white cheddar, Markt frites, “Bier 58” sauce

I regret ordering a medium rare burger only because the meat was too chewy (for me). Their "Bier 58" sauce taste like balsamic vinaigrette with a more sweeter taste. Markt frites were too soft.

- banana cardamom brûlée, sweet banana croquette, caramelized banana, turbinado caramel

I enjoyed the sweet banana croquette and caramelized banana. I can't remember when I last had a creme brulee but this one had a smooth pudding texture.


Credits: Toronto's Summerlicious 2010


Carissa said...

looks delicious! :9

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Looking at the food makes me want to go to Bier Mart! I am actually looking forward to going to Canoe this Wednesday. If you are near Greek town, try Pan! The best place for Greek cuisine that I have been to so far...and the owners are really nice.

I have been to Fred's Not Here several times, and I quite like it. I suppose it also depends on what you order (during Summerlicious or not).