July 19, 2011

GUU SakaBar

Anticipated our reservation for Trevor's Kitchen and Bar all afternoon for Summerlicious but with the traffic delays we ended up missing it. It wasn't a problem since we decided to go this coming Sunday instead. Theresa and I decided to go to Guu Sakabar (our original hangout plan) and boy were we stuffed. Out of our 5 dishes, 2 were new to me.

Takoyaki Gratin: this dish was a bit salty and it did surprise me at first since I was expecting just takoyaki squid balls (I guess I didn't read the full dish name properly).

Gyu Carpaccio: I had this before at the Church location and it was definitely one of my favourites so I had to order it.

Kimchi Udon: Another dish that I already tried at the Church location. One of my favourites.

Carbonara Udon: I was told that this dish was one of their popular ones so I had to order it and taste it for myself. I wasn't impressed as it reminded me a typical creamy pasta dish. I'd prefer the kimchi udon over this.

B.C. Albacore Tuna: Sashimi dishes at Guu never fails to impress me. The tuna pieces were fresh and the sauce was the cherry to a perfect dish.

From visiting the Church location numerous times, I was already tired of sitting at the long wooden tables so we decided to dine in the Zashiki room for a more traditional Japanese experience. It felt very cramped at first since it took a while to settle down with the minimal space given (it was hard to cross my legs) but the room felt cozy afterwards.

It was another fun experience dining at a different Guu location. The area is even more spacious than the Church location and there were no wait time. However, the prices were higher than the Church location and there weren't that many food options.

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- CC said...

I LOVE GUU. Everything is just so tasty :)!