May 05, 2010

Sweet Tooth

DEMETRES: (from top to bottom)
Banana split, Life Sentence (Waffles), A La Fraise/A Batch Made in Heaven/Mochahontas sundaes

Had to satisfy my sweet tooth at Demetres with a couple of friends. Despite the fact that it took the waiter/waitresses 5 minutes to realize that customers were waiting to be seated, the desserts did not disappoint.

Do you believe me when I tell you that I only had one cavity since the day I was born? I'm a huge fan of sugar and if you knew me during high school, I wouldn't blame you if you didn't believe me. The amount of candy I ate during this period was unbelievable ...


debbie said...

bahaha you guys waited so longg cuz yo face!! wo go meng hai herng gong gerk nup muk fay jai wuy yee

Jess said...

Mmmmm ice cream is hands down my FAV dessert. I miss Demetres :( oh and I had so many cavities when I was mouth was FULL of fillings bahahaha