May 13, 2010

Crocodile Frenzy


One of my cousins blogged about this before but his link didn't work and I didn't bother searching for it. Randomly, while spontaneously creating a Birthday Wish List with a friend, I happen to stumble across the jacket on LuisaViaRoma: Balmain's leather jacket made from 100% .. (you guessed it).. crocodile. The jacket is equipped with a mandarin style collar, layered shoulder epaulettes, frayed/unfinished cuffs and tail, and cotton lining. All for $50,085 and whaddya know, they have one more left for sale. I want to meet whoever owns this last available leather jacket.

Not gonna lie, I'm falling in love with Balmain. Looking forward to Christophe Decarnin's future works.


Clara said...

wow! love it!

Sarah said...

this is actually INSANEEE! xx

Jess said...

Or...I could get a car :P its stunning nonetheless

Mila said...


nicole said...

hi michelle! thanks for your comment on my blog, sorry i'm so behind on replying back. yeah the fishtail braid is quite the workout for your hands and arms, but hopefully i can post my video tutorial because i find that using your thumbs helps to minimize the strain on the rest of your hands and fingers (it probably will make more sense when you see it haha instead of reading about it). but that Balmain croc jacket is stunning.. I wouldn't mind meeting the person who owns that last one as well.

My nail colour was actually Butter London "Muggins" so it's more of a grey/lilac colour.

Panda said...

Awesome awesome post - :o
and thank you for your sweet comment, it made my day!
Panda xx