January 28, 2010

In my head, I see you all over me

Wilfred Cut-Out Tank, Marciano Shorts

The reason why you don't shop during a school week? You end up splurging on random stuff. OPI Alice in Wonderland Collection and a new Wilfred tank. Although I don't understand how this tank was priced at $98. Anyone can easily buy a loose tank and cut it up themselves. Couldn't help it since it got reduced to $19.99. NOTE TO SELF: always visit Aritzia in January/February.

So today I walked to class in the blizzard and walked home after class when the sun was out. Bussed to the mall when the sun was out then bussed home in another blizzard. Bi-polar much?


Aney said...

Such a great find! I love it - and you're so lucky to have been able to only pay $19.99!

Gah, the bi-polar weather is getting annoying. Anticipating the Summer weather! :)

fadetoblack said...

really cool top girl!!!