January 30, 2010

Carbs Overload

From Cupcake Lane and All Stars. Too busy to take pictures at Gal's and Go 4 Tea. Now I feel like a balloon that's about to explode. Oh how I miss Toronto.


Aney said...

NOMNOMNOMMM, I want wings :( terrance and I had all stars last weekend too, but we only ordered two flavours so it wasn't all that great. And you gotta tell me where this Cupcake Lane shop is located because those cupcakes look delicious!

Tell me about missing Toronto - that's where life is at. Waterloo and Hamilton kills me with boredom. I miss shopping :(

Jessica Mac said...

where is this cupcake shop? I've been meaning to buy some :)

annddddd I SO WANT wings now. It's only 10am too.

Jess said...

So did you like Gal's?! :) poutine wings are the greatest invention ever