October 11, 2009

when I become a star, we'll be living so large

Please ignore the random sock and pants.
....SONY DSC-T90 <3

Happy Thanksgiving weekend to all! And happy belated birthday to the birthday boy who likes to comment on my facebook status. Wish I was there friday night to witness everything but you know..."I had a camping trip to go to".

Seems like everyone is going on a shopping spree frenzy so why not join in on the fun? Pencil skirt was definitely a steal at forever XXI at Vaughan Mills. Got a simple dress to match my new aldo heels. Then the camera made my weekend...*GRINS*

Upcoming week with nothing due and no midterms to write. My very own study week? Anticipating Oktoberfest but possibly going back to Toronto...again!

I love how my bestfriend would just drive over to see if everything is okay after balling my eyes out on the phone. What would I do without you LT? Definitely my down-to-earth girll.


Sher said...

What lovely buys! Love the shoes and the dress:)

I just got a new camera too over the weekend, am so excited about it!!

Jess said...

How hot are those shoes? Way to make it out on Friday...

Lina Tran said...

Let me borrow some shoes :) Can't wait to shop tmw! <3 Love yu

Dylana said...

Love those Aldo shoes!

Great blog! I will def. be back!


Jessica Mac said...

I think I have the same bed!