October 24, 2009

I want your everything, as long as it's free

Forever XXI Pea Coat

Bring it on Winter! .... winter party scene that is *SMIRK*

I've always managed to visit Forever XXI every weekend ever since the grand opening when I come home from Waterloo. I rarely come out empty handed (is that a bad thing?). I may have to stop by tomorrow to get the grey knit blanket sweater since my mom gave me the "you either choose one or get none" look. This is what I get for going away to school.

Continuation of studying: leadership/decisions and financial statements, Hurray!


Lina Tran said...

I'm in need of a new pea coat, :)
It's cute, better find then the one we found a week ago :D

Let's go on a dinner soon! :) <3

Jess said...

I thought that was the Talula one for a second - I can never find a coat at F21 that fits me booo :( Lucky you!