September 06, 2010

Shopping Dilemma

I'm planning on doing a huge splurge next summer (when and IF I get a job) to reward myself for finishing 3 years of university *laugh out loud*. Not sure if I want a purse, electronic, or shoes though.

Canon t2i DSLR, iPad, Macbook Pro
Balenciaga's Part Time, Louis Vuitton's Eva Clutch, MiuMiu's Patent Leather Bow Clutch

Sam Edelman's Lorissa pumps, Michael Kors' Wellington Boots, Tory Burch Ballerina Flats, Coach Lynn Gold Flats

I know...I should be saving up to pay back OSAP...*sigh*


Jessica Mac said...

I want the wellington boots too :( get purses!

helen said...

well if you get the macbook during the back to school deal, you also get a "free" ipod =D "free" as in you still have to pay for tax though lol... IF I get a job.. I'm saving up for what I think I need the most right now, which is a DSLR hehe