March 28, 2010

GUU (Warning: might induce hunger "real talk")

By far, my favourite restaurant. The warm welcome/goodbye by everyone in the restaurant, amazing food/service and the 2 hour wait has made every moment worth it. Especially for the price, sharing 16 dishes with two very good friends. Definitely disappointed with another group of 3 at the restaurant: we walked out with double their bill. We were definitely a hungry bunch that wanted to try new food.

In order: grapefruit/vodka/soda, boiled beef on greens, boiled spinach with black sesame sauce, atlantic salmon sashimi with wasabi mayo, surume squid with garlic mayo, and salmon natto yukke wrap.

Now it's time to work on my essay, seriously. April 23rd, please come soon.


Aney said...

mm, I WANT. I had sushi last night but no where close to looking as yummy as that!

Jessica Mac said...

Thanks Michelle.. I'm purposely going out for dinner now because this looks so darn good. And I can't live on instant noodles anymore.

debbie said...

so i'm eating right now, as per usual haha but omg i really wanna try this place out *droOLsSss*