September 24, 2009

Buckley: "Taste awful but does not necessarily work"

THE OUTFIT: Forever XXI Oversized Gingham Shirt, Alecia Skinny Jeans + Aldo Chain Pouch

The night consisted of constant coughing fits resulting in numerous consumptions of halls. Despite the sore throat and coughs, I had to take advantage of the $1.50 moxie sized drinks and the chicken parmesan penne pasta dinner. Got the birthday girl a tequila shot. In the end, she got way to tipsy and wasn't able to consume her delicious cake BUT I did bring the leftover cake to my house (since I went home to get socks for bowling). Mich: the cake is calling your name! I've always questioned myself as to why I didn't get Buckley's in the first place. Robitussin was on sale that night so I just grabbed that instead. Hurray for asian blood! Eventually by this week, my coughs worsened so I bought Buckley's. Their slogan is talking shit. I spent $15 on cough medicines and I'm still sick. FML

I finally decided to purchase my textbooks, most of them from the bookstore. I procrastinated way too much trying to find used books that I am falling behind in every class. It's only the second week of classes too.


Lina Tran said...

THE "LINA" OUTFIT: F21 Grey Shirt, F21 Star Earrings, F21 Strawberry Necelace, F21 Black Scarve, F21 Skinny Jeans, Springs Shoes, Coach Purse.

Love ya!

Jess said...

That stuff never worked for me either